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British Airways Premium Plus

The British Airways American Express Premium Plus card is worth considering if you’re looking for a credit card that offers excellent rewards for earning Avios points. This card is particularly beneficial for individuals who travel a lot with BA as you have the ability to get a 2-4-1 (more on this later). In this post, we will take a detailed look at the features and benefits of this card to help you make an informed decision.

The card itself:

Signup bonus.

As of May 2024, this card does not offer a registration bonus on the American Express website itself, however, if you head over to the British Airways website you will get an increased bonus of 60,000 avios points. So make sure when you signup that you’re on the correct website, in order for the bonus to get triggered you need to spend £3,000 in the first three months of signing up.

Redeem your air-miles for first & business class travel.

Card Eligibility.

The welcome bonus on the British Airways American Express Premium  Plus card isn’t available to those who currently have or have held any personal BA cards in the last 24 months. You must also be a UK resident over 18 years old to be eligible for the signup bonus. However, even if you have held an Amex card recently, it’s still worth taking out this card solely for its benefits.

Annual Fee.

The annual fee is £300.

What’s the earning rate on the BA Amex Premium Plus card?

Despite paying £300 per year, this card has impressive benefits, offsetting the annual fee.

  • 3X points spend on British Airways & BA holidays
  • 1.5x points on your everyday shopping
  • Collect up to 90,000 bonus Avios a year when you invite friends to join American Express
  •  Earn 3,000 Avios when you add the first Supplementary Card to your Account

Let’s take a closer look at these earning rates.

  • 1.5x point is earned for every £1 spent and charged per transaction on your card at the following rates: one point for every full £1 spent and charged per transaction.
  • 3x points for every full £1 spent and charged per transaction on the British Airways website for travel or when you make a booking with BA holidays.
Redeem your Avios for business class travel

Get a Points Boost.

You can also collect up to 90,000 bonus Avios a year when you invite friends to join American Express on to of your earning rate.

Key Benefit:

The 2-4-1 voucher.

The key benefit of taking out this card is defiantly the 2-4-1 voucher that comes with card once you spend £10,000 per card year. However from the 1st November 2024 that spending cap will increase to £15,000 spend on the card per year in order to trigger the voucher. This voucher entitles you to book two Avios redemption flights for the miles of one. On the Premium Plus card this voucher is valid for 2 years.

This is how the BA voucher will look like once you get it.

Where to use the voucher?

This voucher can be used on the following three airlines.

  • British Airways
  • Aer Lingus
  • Iberia

How much is it worth?

Based on my calculations I would say that this voucher is worth roughly £1,500 if you value 1 avios at 1p, as this voucher can save over 150,000 avios.

Solo Traveler.

If you are a solo traveler, the voucher can give you a 50% discount on the Avios required for a flight for one person.

Use your Avios points to fly in business class.

Foreign Transaction Fee:

American Express adds a 3% foreign exchange fee, this is a lot by any standard therefore id defiantly recommend getting a different card. There are some options out there that offer this, and we will cover those in a later article.


If you are a frequent traveler and looking to make the most out of your purchases, then the British Airways American Express Premium Plus card is definitely worth considering. With this card, you can collect Avios points at an accelerated rate. You can get up to 3x points on all your British Airways purchases and 1.5 points per £ spent on your everyday purchases. Moreover, the card offers a 2-4-1 voucher that can be used for flights, and a generous signup bonus of 60,000 Avios points if you apply through the BA website. With all these benefits and more, this card is a great way to maximize your rewards and get the most value out of your spending. Imagine the possibilities with these rewards!

To sign up for this card, click the following link. British Airways American Express Premium Plus.

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