Hello and welcome to my website!

My name is Palty Marmorstein and I’m a London based frequent flyer.

I hope you’ll enjoy reading my journey on how I came this far, flying around the world in business and often in first class, staying in chic hotels and suites across the globe while using miles and points and taking advantage of awesome deals, all doing this while holding down a normal job. all of the reviews you’ll find here is simply my view on how I see things when I travel,

Here’s a little bit more about myself.

As a child growing up, I was always fascinated by aviation. I remember looking out of my bedroom window trying to guess the aircraft that flew above my house where I lived, and often I would get them right but very few…. But for a child my age and a plane so high I was doing alright….

Later on, as a teenager the older I got my passion for planes grew everlasting…. I started travelling from a very young age I remember my first ever journey on a plane was when I was about 10 years old flying to NYC And after that my travelling path became very frequent. Being a plane lover means that I love going to the airports and plane-spotting I can sometimes go as many as 7 hours in a go. And in the summer, I’ll do that once a week And I can say that that’s when I’m most relaxed and, in my zone,…. Knowing what I know now comes from pure hard work and dedication to my hobby and I can say that I am fortunate enough and it paid off very well for me. 

As the saying goes hard work does pay off….

Nowadays as an adult being able to tell which aircraft flies above my head just by listening to the sound of it, or to look up at the lighting strobes from the aircraft is a skill that I’ve developed along the way… and of course loving airplanes as much as I do my love for travelling developed and I started travelling a lot And after having visited numerous country’s and city’s flying economy and low cost airlines I’ve always thought to myself that there must be a way how I could fly in business or in first class without breaking the bank I knew that it can’t be that the nose of the plane is just for the rich and famous…. 

So I’ve started to look into my options and very quickly became hooked on the idea of the air-miles and points game. 

After taking out a credit card (which in my case was the American express or else known for the Amex) and using that as my debit card, meaning that it became my most used card in my wallet my points very quickly accumulated and stacked up nicely a lot quicker than you could even imagine… 

And now I travel around the world using air miles and points and I’m here to share with you my journey, tips and tricks that I’ve picked up along the way Make sure to follow me on

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