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I’m Palty, and I’m thrilled to e-meet you.

Are you an aviation lover like me? As a kid, planes always mesmerized me, and I could even identify them just by their engine sounds. I’m a true travel enthusiast and can spend an entire day spotting planes from the horizon. But let’s be honest; nothing beats sitting in the nose of a plane and experiencing the luxury of flying.

That’s why I founded WingTips, and I’m not here to reinvent the wheel. I’m just here to share my experiences of travel from my perspective, a platform that shares tips and tricks for travelling in style without breaking the bank, using a range of credit cards, from travel to business or personal cards, to accumulate air miles and points and to spend them wisely. We initially launched in 2018, but unfortunately, COVID-19 hit, and we had to close down. But guess what? We’re back and better than ever in 2024! We aim to help UK travellers maximise their air miles and points to fly in business or first class and stay in chic hotels, whether in the UK or anywhere else, without breaking the bank.

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