Red by Dufry is the father of world duty free. They have their own app and their own loyalty points program. Let’s delve into the details. 


By linking your British Airways executive account to the RED by Dufry app, you can earn 1 Avios for every £ you spend. In addition, you’ll get a 250 Avios bonus for linking the accounts together.


Once you sign up to Red by Dufry using this link, you become a Silver member for life. This allows you a 5% discount on purchases made in the airport where the app is available, which is a good enough reason to have it on its own. 


Once you have spent more than $700.00, you become a gold member, and your discount goes up to 7%


When you spend more than $1,000.00, you become a platinum member, and your discount rises to 10%

Mercedes GTC AMG
Platinum members of RED by Dufry can save 10% on Avis car rentals.

Other key benefits:

You can get 25% off the Plaza Premium lounges worldwide three times per year,

Platinum members can save 10% on Avis car rentals,

Upto 15% at Sixt car hire, as well as 10% on pre-booked transfers,

15% on city experiences with LocalBini.


Even if you’re not a seasoned traveller and find yourself walking through the gates of an airport very few times, this app is still worth having on your phone. Just by signing up, you’ll save 5%. Now that’s a good day for everyone.

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  1. tHANK YOU! i HAVE SEEN THE PROMPT ON the self-checkouts at hudson news in the us airports but never actually looked into it. as someone who travels at least once a week this will be very useful!

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