Today, Emirates has announced the expansion of its codeshares with two airlines, Air Canada and Philippine Airlines.
Let’s go over them in detail.

What is the current codeshare between Emirates and Air Canada?

Emirates began flying to Montreal on July 6th 2023, using a Boeing 777.
Emirates and Air Canada have a codeshare, which means customers can earn and burn Emirates Skywards miles or Aeroplan points when flying between those airlines.

What has been added?

  • Things have significantly improved, and the codeshare partnership between Emirates and Air Canada extends to flights between 11 domestic Canadian points and Montréal. 
  • The expansion of the partnership complements the network of 19 points via Toronto. 

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What is the current codeshare between Emirates and Philippine Airlines?

Earlier this year, Emirates and Philippine Airlines signed an interline agreement to boost connectivity, which is already in full swing for passengers of both air carriers. They can travel to new points on each other’s networks via Manila and Dubai using a single ticket and one baggage policy.
This will help passengers travel smoothly between 19 destinations operated by Philippine Airlines, including Cebu, Cagayan de Oro, Bacolod, Cotabato, Davao, Iloilo, Kalibo, and others.
Philippine Airlines’ passengers also benefit from access to Emirates global network Emirates’ global network, allowing them to seamlessly connect to 21 cities operated by Emirates beyond Dubai to European destinations such as London, Rome, Frankfurt, Barcelona, Paris, and Kuwait, as well as to Jeddah and other points in the Middle East, Africa, and India.

What has been added?

Emirates and Philippine Airlines Expand Interline Agreement to Enhance Domestic Connectivity in the Philippines

The Dubai-based airlines Emirates and Philippine Airlines have announced expanding their interline agreement. This partnership will enable Emirates passengers to access domestic points in Philippine Airlines’ network via Cebu and Clark and the previously announced interline connections via Manila. The expansion covers all three gateways in the Philippines served by Emirates – Manila, Cebu, and Clark – and will allow passengers to reach even more destinations in the Philippines using a single ticket and convenient baggage policy. This move is expected to enhance domestic connectivity in the Philippines and make it easier for travellers to explore the country’s many attractions.

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Which other airlines partner with Emirates?

For those of you who missed my article this week about which airlines partner with Emirates, you can still read it here.

My take on it.

Well, I’m not surprised by these two codeshare expansions. As with Air Canada, Emirates has only recently started flying to Montreal, so making it easier for customers to travel is a given,
And as far as Philippine Airlines, for those of you who know that in the Middle East, many people working here are from the Philippines, making it easier for everyone to travel back and forth makes sense.


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