Emirates announced last week the addition of 2 new aircraft that will be joining the fleet on a lease.

Emirates Skycargo.

Emirates Skycargo boasts a fleet of 11 world-class Boeing 777Fs, and the airline is set to further elevate its operations by adding five more. Two new aircraft will be delivered in 2024, while the remaining three will arrive in 2025. For more details about the current fleet and upcoming acquisitions, check out the informative article linked to B777.


Emirates 747 history.

It is worth noting that Emirates, a leading airline, has had the privilege of flying the iconic Boeing 747-400 way before the pandemic, although other airlines like British Airways and KLM have opted to retire this aircraft from their fleet. It is commendable that some airlines still value this plane and are willing to invest in its revival. The Divisional Senior Vice President, Nabil Sultan, has expressed his views on this decision, which is a bold move.

“While the current market volatility may cause others to hesitate, Emirates SkyCargo is pushing full steam ahead with our plans. The medium to long-term projections for global air cargo shows an upward trajectory of between 3-5%. Combine that Dubai’s strategy to double its foreign trade, where multi-modal logistics will play a big role, and the economic activity happening in markets around the Gulf, West Asia, and Africa, and the opportunity for Emirates SkyCargo is clear.

“The two new 747-Fs which we have leased will give us immediate capacity while we wait for delivery of 5 new 777Fs in 2024 and 2025 and 10 777-300ERs to roll out of our conversion program over the next five years. We believe even these additional planes will not be sufficient. By then, we’ll have the MRO set up to quickly and efficiently scale up our freighter conversion program if we needed to.” he then said, “The new aircraft means we can expand our freighter network and amplify the connectivity with the main Emirates network. The new fleet mix also gives us more flexibility to serve our different customers even better. Emirates SkyCargo is also investing to develop new products and to speed up digitisation and technology innovation. It is our ambition to lead the market in delivering specialist solutions that are fast, reliable, flexible, and efficient. More exciting developments to come. Stay tuned.”


I’m thrilled that another airline is incorporating the magnificent 747 into their fleet for worldwide cargo transportation! Seeing it in person is a sight to behold, especially for someone like me who loves aviation.

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