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Okay, so I’ve arrived in India and am on my way to Goa from Mumbai.

I was excited to review the Oasis lounge in Mumbai Airport, but not just this lounge, but lounges in general, particularly in India, as I wanted to see how things are in other parts of the world.
But trust me when I say that I’ve been to worse lounges in the USA than in India, so I’m happy about that, that’s for sure.

The Oasis Lounge in Mumbai airport is a good domestic lounge. Located in Terminal 1, the domestic part of the airport, it is nothing fancy but serves good Indian food. The lounge also has a bar where you can order drinks for a charge. Lets jump right into it Review: Oasis Lounge Mumbai Airport.


Who can use this lounge? First, as this is part of the priority pass lounge group, anyone with a priority pass can get in, even on an economy class ticket.

a sign with a qr code
Priority pass members can enter free of charge regardless of your ticket.
a group of logos on a white paper
cardholders from this list can enter for free too.


After going through security, the lounge is to the left. You’ll need to take the lift up one floor to access it.

a glass door with a fire extinguisher and a plant
Oasis lounge Mumbai entrance.
a shelf with newspapers on it
Newspaper stand in the lounge by the entrance.


This lounge is in no way big. It can hold up to 45 people when it’s not busy or 200 in the busy hours, although I can’t really see that happening. This lounge is a little small to hold that many people.

a group of people sitting in a restaurant
The lounge.
a man standing at a table
Seating in the lounge.
a group of people sitting in a restaurant
The lounge.
a group of tables in a restaurant
Seating in the lounge.


Of course, since this is India, you can expect Indian food to be decent—spicy but good.

a shelf with plates and bowls of food

a counter with food on it
The buffet at the oasis lounge Mumbai
a buffet with different types of food
Vegetables in the oasis lounge Mumbai
a pot of food on a counter
Condiments oasis lounge Mumbai
food on a table
Buffet in the oasis lounge Mumbai
a buffet table with different dishes of food
Curry in the oasis lounge Mumbai
a trays of food on a counter
The food in the oasis lounge Mumbai.
a buffet table with different dishes
The buffet.
a buffet table with food on it
Buffet area.


There’s also a decent bar here, where you could grab a drink before your flight. Just be aware that you must pay for drinks in the lounge in India… I know, right???!!!

a group of men sitting at a bar
The bar.
a cooler with bottles of liquid and juice
Cold drinks at the oasis lounge Mumbai
a coffee machine on a counter
The coffee station at the oasis lounge Mumbai


What are the views of this lounge, you ask?
It’s out the airport window is okay, as you’ll have a great view of the airfield. On the other hand, if you were to look down from the other window, you’d see the airport and people queuing.

a plane on the runway
View from the lounge.
a large group of people in a large building
The other view in the lounge looks down directly into the airport.


Obviously, this lounge is by no means luxury. However, since it is in the domestic part of the airport, it fits perfectly for its needs. You couldn’t ask for any more. On the other hand, I didn’t feel that the cleaning standards of this place were very high either, so a 3.5-star rating is more than generous.

Have you ever been to the Oasis Lounge in Mumbai?

What was your experience?

I would love to hear your comments.

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Oasis lounge Mumbai:
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