Following my trip to India, here’s my review of Etihad Airways’ business class A350-1000. I had just flown in from Bahrain to Abu Dhabi, where I stopped over to review their lounge on my way to India. Now, I’m on my final leg to Mumbai, where I’ll be staying for a couple of days before exploring the country.


Etihad bed
The seat in a fully bed.

Since this was the connecting part of the journey, as I started my journey in Bahrain, it was a cash booking for an open-jaw business class ticket to Mumbai for only £350.00. I’m pretty sure this was a mistake fare because it is about a quarter of the usual price you’d pay for this flight.


Etihad Airways business class lounge
Etihad business class lounge.

For the lounge in Abu Dhabi, I used the Etihad Airways business class lounge, which I reviewed in full here.


Boarding area
The seat at the boarding area.

Boarding was quick, as the business lounge was right by the gate, where we boarded from gate C27.

After boarding, they gave us a hot towel, a choice of orange juice, and champagne.


I took a Champagne after boarding.

The A350 has 44 business class seats in a 1-2-1 configuration, meaning everyone gets direct aisle access.

Etihad wireless charging
The wireless charging is great touch.

The middle aisle has no overhead bins, making the cabin look much more spacious and cleaner.

Theres plenty of storage on this aircarft.


Etihad A350 Seat
Collins Aerospace Super Diamond reverse herringbone seat.

Etihad uses the customizable Collins Aerospace Super Diamond reverse herringbone seats with doors for its A350s. These seats are the exact ones you find on British Airways A350s, but the finishings on this particular aircraft are just stunning. It looks really good in the Etihad logo and design.

Etihad A350 seat
The seat on the A350.

My seat was 10k, and it turned into a fully flat bed with plenty of legroom, an 18.5” TV, a huge table, and a privacy door.

privacy door
The door on the A350.

With a vast selection of TV shows and movies, especially Bollywood movies and American movies

TV on Etihad
Etihad has a huge selection of movies
Etihad TV
TV on this aircarft.
TV on Etihad
Etihad has a huge selection of movies.
Etihad TV
The TV on the A350

The one thing missing from this aircraft was tail cameras, so unless you sit at the window, you don’t see what’s happening outside. Luckily, that wasn’t the case since I had a window seat.

The A350 had a lot of storage compartments.
seat control
The control screen for your seat.
Etihad screen
The screen on the A350
The blanket given on this flight.
The footwell on the A350
The table halfway extended.
Etihad table
The table fully extended.


Toilet on the plane
The bathroom on the A350

The best thing in this bathroom for me was the hand lotion. Now, typically, I’m not a hand lotion kinda guy. However, since this was Aqua Di Parma, I thought I had to try it, and I loved it. My hands smelled terrific for so long after using it that I might just buy myself a little bottle of this.

Etihad bathroom
The hand creams in the toilet.


Etihad Airways’s service is undoubtedly one of the best in the skies.


Etihad business class menu
The menu in business class.
Etihad menu
The menu
The wine list
Etihad food menu
The menu
Etihad water bottle
Storage near the privacy door along with a bottle of water.
Etihad food
The food was great.

As this is a short-haul flight, not long after takeoff, the food was served shortly afterwards.


Etihad WiFi
Wifi didn’t work for me on this flight.

There was WiFi on the flight; however, I couldn’t get it to work for some reason. Either it was my phone, or if it wasn’t the best connection, I don’t know; however, it didn’t give me a chance to log in.


ATC in BOM airport
Arrival in BOM airport.

Arriving at Mumbai airport is hands down one of the coolest landings I’ve ever encountered. The turning over the mountains and the ultra-low landing just hanging above the slums are worth travelling to Mumbai airport; I’ve never seen anything like that before.


Arriving in Mumbai airport
Air India’s B747 seen on arrival.

Having flown on Etihad Airways many times, I still have not had a chance to review their newest aircraft family member, the A350, so I’m grateful I got the opportunity to do it, especially on a route like Mumbai.

Have you flown with Etihad in the past?

What was the experience like?

I’d love to hear from you, so leave a comment in the comment section below.

Etihad Airways Business Class A350-1000

Etihad Airways Business Class A350-1000
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