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Ok, I’ll come out and say it: some hotels will advertise themselves as 5-star hotels, but the reality is sometimes far-fetched. In this article, I’ll attempt to be nice, but I’ll also give my honest review of the W Hotel on Vagator Beach in North Goa.


Now, the land of this property is absolutely massive; it is 47 acres, yes that’s right, 47 acres, and to get around the property, the hotel does provide golf carts; the hotel also has its own private access to the beach, along with a restaurant, a pool bar, spa and a lot of villas which are basically tiny houses, now when I was there granted the season was off so there weren’t many guests staying in the hotel there, just mainly family members of India celebrating an anniversary and stuff like that. Still, the hotel itself looks like something other than a 5-star hotel. That may be because the property is too big to upkeep, or they are just not bothered that much about it since it’s in a prime location. Hence, they know they will always have guests staying there.

a pool and trees in front of a building
The garden view from our room at the W hotel Goa.


I booked this room in cash. Given its prime location, it’s certainly on the pricey side compared to other hotels in Goa. I paid just over £900.00 for a three-night stay and earned under 14,000 Marriott Bonvoy points.

W hotel restaurant with tables and chairs review
W hotel restaurant.
a cart with bottles of liquor on it
W hotel restaurant.


Checking in at the W Hotel was a breeze. The lobby entrance, true to the W brand, exudes a quirky charm that sets the tone for your stay.

W hotel Goa review
The check-in counter at the W hotel.


I had the garden room view with access to my small garden, which was nice until I opened the door one night just to be greeted by a massive rat. If you’ve ever seen one of those in India, you’ll know what I’m talking about. You get a minibar and a lot of cupboard space in the room, which I found very good. I wish other hotels were that generous.

W hotel Goa room review
The bedroom.
a white round table with a clock and a glass bottle on the side
Another one of the bed side tables.
a white round table with a white object on it next to a white wall
One of the bedside tables.
a book and a piece of paper on a black surface
The hotel book.
a phone on a counter
In room phone.
a row of lockers with purple knobs
the cupboard in the room.
a black safe with a combination lock and a keypad
The safe in the room.
a black and silver metal locker
The cupboard in the room.
a plate of fruit on a table
Fruits on arrival to welcome us.
a room with a couch and a table
The couch looking out to the garden.
a black and white sign
mini bar menu.
a menu with black text
mini bar menu.
a menu with black text and numbers
mini bar menu.
a box with food and books on it
The mini bar.
a shelf with wine glasses and a glass
The teas and coffee given in the room.
a coffee pot and mugs on a tray
The coffee station.
a group of cans in a refrigerator
The mini bar.


The bathroom at the W sure does have its signature with its hugely unnecessary shaped sink, which looks much better than it serves its purpose, I’ll tell you that much.

a bathroom with a round mirror and a bathtub
The bathroom.
a bathtub with a phone and towels
The bathtub.
a sink on a counter
The unusual looking sinks you’ll usually find in a W hotel.
a blue tray with white towels and a white tube on it
Hand soap.
a table with a tray of silver foil and glasses
The bathroom amenities.
a shower with circular mirrors
The shower in the room.
a group of white bottles on a metal shelf
The shower soap
a toilet in a bathroom
The toilet.
a white bag in a black box
The bathroom has a blow dryer.


Given its poor conditions, the hotel is definitely not a 5-star hotel. It also takes some getting used to the layout, as it’s on a hill. So, despite the lift telling you to go up to floor 1 for example, that depends on where you are, as this hotel is more staggered than storeys.

Have you ever stayed in the W Hotel in North Goa?
Let us know in the comment section below what your experience was like.

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W Hotel Goa

W Hotel Goa
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  1. I can only assume this was your first ever stay at a W hotel. Either way I’m really not sure what you mean by poor conditions, it looks like a perfectly nice room with quirky design & decor per the brand standard.

    If this is ‘poor’ then I can’t fathom what you would consider actually good. Perhaps your highness would consider a four seasons that costs significantly more up to your very high standards.

    1. poor because in some areas some of the basic things were falling apart like the windows, some of them seemed tired and dated, I do get that this property is absolutely massive so the upkeep is almost impossible, however compared this 5 star hotel to any other 5 star hotel especially in Asia this is below average of what you’ll find for sure.

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