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Onto the next part of my journey, I flew with Indigo to Jaipur from Goa airport. I decided to review the Encalm lounge at Goa airport. The Encalm lounge in Goa airport is a small lounge for domestic travellers located on the second floor. It is open daily from 5:30 a.m. to 10:30 p.m.

Encalm lounge entrance:

The Enclam lounge is part of priority pass, which means anyone with a membership can access it. The domestic lounges in India all seem to follow the same trend: If you have certain credit cards, you can enter the lounge as well, which means that you can usually expect large crowds at all entrances of lounges; however, many people have been turned away I’m not sure why that is maybe some people try their luck to see if they will get let in or not I’m not sure. However, not everything in the lounge will be free either, e.g., the bar and that’s also part of the trend I’ve seen. You can read some of the other lounge reviews I’ve made here in India.

Encalm lounge Goa
Entrance to the lounge.
Encalm lounge Goa users.
Those who can use this lounge.

Encalm lounge food:

The food in this lounge was alright. Again, I think most lounges in India have spicy food, traditional Indian curries, and other local food. However, my concern is mainly more on the upkeep side of things and the cleanliness because, let me tell you something, that’s an area where they can approve a lot more, not just in this lounge.

a cereal dispenser on a table
Cereal dispenser.
a coffee machine and cups on a counter
Coffee station.
a buffet line with plates and bowls
Buffet area.
a counter with a variety of dishes and bowls
Bread & soup section.
a buffet table with plates and bowls of food
Fruits & salad section.
a buffet trays with food on plates Encalm lounge Goa
Hot food.
a counter with food on it
Cutlery & mango.
a tray of food on a counter
The famous powdered OJ which is probably dangerous to drink.
cereal at the Encalm lounge Goa
Coffee which has seen better days for sure.

Encalm lounge bar:

Since arriving in India, I’ve never had a drink in one of the lounge bars, mainly because I’m not sure I would trust this place’s cleanliness or the quality of the drink. The expectations on my list aren’t very high, so I think I’d rather stay sober for now.

a room with a table and chairs Encalm lounge Goa
The bar.
a bar with bottles of alcohol
The bar.

Encalm lounge Seating:

If I had to describe the seating area in one word, I would say “hideous” in terms of its colour and design. However, it was alright because some small corner spaces were nice and quiet for a quick nap or work. However, one section of the lounge was closed for some reason. It looked like a VIP area, and I couldn’t determine what it was.

a group of chairs with lamps on the side tables Encalm lounge Goa
Lounge seating area.
Encalm lounge Goa
Individual seats.
Encalm lounge Goa
Opposite 2-2 seating.
people sitting at tables in a restaurant
Dining area.
a row of chairs in a room
Hideous green color seating.
a room with green chairs and a table
4-4 seating.
Encalm lounge Goa private seating area
Private seating area.


With no windows, tarmac views, showers, or toilets, I’m still determining what this lounge is worth and why they bother with it. Clearly, there’s a lot to be done in lounges across India. Still, believe it or not, this wasn’t the worst lounge I’ve come across in India. More to follow.

Have you ever visited any domestic lounges in India?

What was your experience like?

I would love to hear from you, so drop me a comment in the box below.

2.5 5 0 1
Encalm Lounge Goa.
2.5 rating
Total Score
  1. Wow! What a balantly racist review. If you are visting a lounge in india what do you expect to get to eat other than spicy indian food that probably 90% of their patrons want anyway?

    1. Saying that you eat spicy food in India isn’t racist in the slightest, i appreciate your concern though

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