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Wizz Air has introduced a new subscription plan in the UK. The MultiPass flight subscription plan allows customers to fix the price of flights and ancillary charges for 12 months. This isn’t a new concept in Europe but rather an expansion of the already existing MultiPass value in Italy and Poland.

How it works?

MultiPass subscribers pay a monthly fee, starting at £59.99 one way. This entitles them to one international round-trip monthly flight to and from the UK.

The pass is designed to eliminate fare fluctuations typically encountered when booking at the last minute or during peak season. Subscribers have the option to choose from a flight-only pass (£59.99 one way or £119.99 return), a flight plus Wizz Priority benefits pass for £92.99/£185.99, flights plus 20kg checked luggage for £102.99/£205.99, and flights plus Priority and checked luggage for £135.99/£271.99.

To get started with your MultiPass, it’s easy. You can make your first booking right after subscribing for flights at least five days away. Alternatively, you can start your subscription the following month. In this case, you can take a flight starting from the sixth day of the month and anytime during the next 29, 30, or 31 days, depending on the month.

Wizz Air in-flight snacks
Wizz Air in-flight snacks.

Please keep in mind the following information:

The subscription plan is valid for 12 months and cannot be cancelled once a customer has signed up, except during the initial 14-day cooling-off period. Additionally, please note that MultiPass flights cannot be modified once booked.

The MultiPass subscription has blackout dates on the following days, during which flights are unavailable:

– May 25-27, 2024

– May 24-26, 2024

– December 20-21, 2024

– December 24-26, 2024

– January 1-2, 2025

– April 18-22, 2025

– May 3-5, 2025

– May 24-26, 2025

– August 23-25, 2025

– December 19-24, 2025

Wizz Air stated that in the UK, the MultiPass can help passengers save up to 40% “on tickets between even the most popular summer destinations this year.”

My take on this:

This isn’t necessarily a new concept; we’ve seen other airlines across the pond, such as Alaska Airlines, offer flight passes. 

However, one must wonder how much one saves by taking out this subscription, people with family in Europe are much more likely to fly often, these people are better off taking out such a subscription, as the savings would be quite big. On the other hand, going to Europe, you can most of the time pick up super cheap flights when flying Ryanair for as little as £5.99. This means if you fly to Europe a few times a year only, it might not be the deal of the year for you.


WizzAir has extended its MultiPass to the UK, UAE, and Albania. It’s good to see the initiative and to see them trying to introduce new things. Obviously, it’s working for them, as they have brought it to the UK. I’ll be interested to see if this sticks around and for how long, as we have seen other airlines here in Europe trying out healthy passes, which lasted only a short time.

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  1. When i buy a ticket from wizzair, 95% of the time, the ticket price is lower than £59.99, so not sure if this works for most people, especially given it has blackout dates when the tickets are pricier

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