There are also some rules about what you should do when buying a ticket and some rules about what you should never do. Today, we’re going to focus on what you should never do. 

It’s a familiar scenario: you must be somewhere at a specific time, and the pressure is on. Even seasoned travellers can make costly mistakes. Let’s delve into this.

I’m currently gearing up for my trip to India. Given that I’m based in London, I have multiple options for travelling to India: I can redeem points in OneWorld, fly Virgin Atlantic, and so much more. However, when I was searching for availability, I couldn’t find any return dates that suited me, not from India or any surrounding country like Singapore, Hong Kong, etc. 

But I did find a cheap cash ticket from AbuDhabi, the flight I found was an Etihad flight from Bahrain to Mumbai on the outbound and return from Delhi to Bahrain via Abu Dhabi both ways since I’m flying Etihad for an astronomical price of just £350.00 in business all in when usually such a ticket would cost me roughly three times the price at the very least.

However, I still need to get to Bahrain from London, so to do that, I used my Amex 2-4-1 Voucher to redeem in BA’s first class. Voila, I paid for the entire Journey from London to India—just over a grand for a first—and business-class ticket—all because I waited for the right time to buy and didn’t rush into anything or become nervous because time was closing in.

Etihad Business Class
Etihad Business Class.

Knowing what’s right in terms of price and when to pull the trigger can be overwhelming for some, and sometimes, waiting too long could make you miss out on a good deal. As we all know it to be, ” You snooze, you lose.” so the solution is to set some alerts, sit back and wait for the price to drop. (you can read more here on how to set Google flight alerts) 

Waiting for points availability for the airline to make them available is another way of thinking, and believe it or not, waiting, most times, pays off; for example, as we know, Lufthansa sometimes opens up first-class availability a day or two before the departure date.

But if you come across a reasonable deal compared to other airlines flying to and from that same airport for a higher price when you know you’ve met your match, go for it—just swipe that card.


Always set alerts if the cash price is too high or you are waiting for availability to open up so you can redeem points. Never feel overwhelmed and forced into something that you know deep down is a red flag and a bad deal, but you go for it anyway because there’s nothing else now.

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