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The Adani Lounge in Jaipur Airport is a domestic lounge located on the first floor opposite Gate M1. It is open 24 hours a day, and in all fairness, it was decent.

a sign with text on it Adani lounge Jaipur
Adani lounge Jaipur.

Adani lounge entrance:

The Adani Lounge in Jaipur is part of the priority pass, which means anyone with a membership can access it. The domestic lounges in India all seem to follow the same trend: If you have certain credit cards, you can enter the lounge as well, which means that you can usually expect large crowds at all entrances of lounges; however, many people have been turned away I’m not sure why that is maybe some people try their luck to see if they will get let in or not I’m not sure. However, not everything in the lounge will be free either, e.g., the bar and that’s also part of the trend I’ve seen. You can read some of the other lounge reviews I’ve made here in India by clicking here and here.

a group of sculptures on a shelf
Adani lounge Jaipur.

Adani lounge food:

Writing about the food quality in a small lounge often leaves me with low expectations. However, the Adani Lounge in Jaipur Airport pleasantly surprised me. The food quality was not just above average; it was actually good. It was one of the few places where I felt I was eating generally authentic Indian food, a delightful surprise in a small lounge.

a food on a shelf
a row of food containers on a counter
The buffet.
a row of food containers on a counter Adani Jaipur
The food in this lounge was one of the best I’ve had in India.
a coffee machine and cups on a shelf

Adani lounge bar:

This lounge doesn’t actually have a bar. Instead, trolleys are scattered around the lounge with complimentary soft drinks like water, coffee, and juices.

shelves with food items on it
Plenty of drinks.
a group of water bottles and a thermos Adani Jaipur
Coffee & water station.

Adani lounge seating:

While this is a very small lounge, the seating area was well thought out. The dining area was in the middle of the lounge. The quiet zone was to the right of the lounge, and towards the left was the chill and working area.

a group of people sitting in a restaurant Adani
Seating area.
a group of people sitting at tables in a room
Main dining area.
a man sitting in a chair Adani lounge Jaipur
Seating area.
a row of chairs with plants in them
Single seating area.
a row of chairs in a room
a cup on top of a wall outlet
Each seat has its own socket.
a rectangular box with a power outlet in it Adani Jaipur


a man sitting at a table in a room with a couple of chairs Adani Jaipur
Adani lounge Jaipur.

Despite some basic necessities, like toilets, not being in the lounge, the overall experience of this place was certainly a good one. With good food and some nice quiet spots to catch up on some work, this lounge serves its purpose beautifully, providing a reassuring experience for travellers.

Have you ever visited any domestic lounges in India?

What was your experience like?

I would love to hear from you, so drop me a comment in the box below.

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Adani Lounge Jaipur
Adani Lounge Jaipur
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