Let’s discuss the Skywards loyalty program that Emirates offers, which allows you to earn and redeem points with Emirates and their low-cost partner Flydubai, based in Dubai.
To earn points, click the link provided to create a free Emirates Skywards account if you still need to.
The program has four levels: blue, silver, gold, and platinum.
By signing up with the link, you will automatically become a blue member. I recommend checking out my article to learn more about the differences between the four tiers and their benefits.

How Much is A Skywards Point Worth?

According to my calculation, a skywards point is worth 1p.

So 10,000 skywards points will be worth £100, 50,000 skywards points will be worth £500.00 and so on.

So, How Do You Earn Miles?

The first thing to remember is that Emirates isn’t part of any alliance. However, they do have partner programs, and Skywards miles can be accumulated in several ways, starting from actual flights taken with Emirates or flydubai or even their partner airlines to taking out credit cards and collecting them that way, the number of miles you earn per flight depends on your route, fare type and a class of travel, you can always work out how many miles you will earn on a given flight by using this calculator (click the link) as the number of miles will vary depending on the number of miles (how far) you are travelling.

What Are The Benefits Of Higher Tiers?

The higher your tier, the more miles you’ll earn back.

So a silver member will earn 25% bonus miles, a gold member will earn 50% bonus miles, and a platinum member will earn a very attractive 75% bonus miles.

Skywards Miles VS Tier Miles.

We’ve discussed skywards miles, but what about Tier miles and what’s the difference?

Well, the main difference between those 2 is that skyward miles are miles you earn for every mile you’ve flown, whereas tier miles help you retain your current membership status or reach the next tier on every flight you take with Emirates or Flydubai.

Other Ways Of Earning Miles.

There are several different ways how you can earn miles, either by buying them outright by clicking this link here, which will take you directly to the site where you can buy them, although I would always recommend waiting until there’s an offer going, as that will bring the price down by a lot, or the more obvious option would be by taking out credit cards.


If you live in Dubai and are a frequent traveller, or even if you take the occasional trip, it’s worth signing up for the Emirates Skywards program as it’s free and easy to join, and when you have enough points accumulated in your account, you can use it for a solid redemption in Emirates excellent business class or better yet in one of their “gamechanger” first-class seats.

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