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Okay, okay. Don’t all come jump down my throat at once. Read this review and see the pictures, and then you can let me know if I’m being too harsh. I’m giving the Primus Lounge Amritsar a 1 star at the very max. When we hear the word ‘lounge ‘, we often associate it with luxury. However, my experience at the Primus Lounge Amritsar was a stark contrast to that. It was a significant letdown, and if you’ve been to Amritsar airport, you’d likely share my sentiment.

a white reception desk with a white hat and a sign Primus Lounge Amritsar
The entrance.

Primus lounge Amritsar entrance:

Located on the 2nd floor of the ATQ airport, the Primus lounge is right in the middle of the boarding area, set up with four awful-looking panels. The Primus lounge is part of Priority Pass, and frankly, I don’t know how they are not even ashamed to be associated with this horrible-looking place.

a room with a wall and a glass door Primus Lounge Amritsar
Primus Lounge Amritsar from the outside.
a room with a wall and a couple of people sitting in chairs
The awful looking panels.

Primus lounge Amritsar food:

The food’s tired appearance and dry texture perfectly matched the lounge’s lacklustre energy. I refrained from eating, fearing the possibility of food poisoning, a risk no one wants to take in an airport lounge.

a buffet table with food on it Primus lounge Amritsar
I just had a water.
a buffet with silver trays and silver objects on shelves Primus lounge Amritsar
The decor in this place is just not…
a counter with food containers on it Primus lounge Amritsar
I was too scared to eat in this place.

Primus lounge Amritsar bar:

Again, the fact that this bar seemed like it never even saw a bartender is beside the point. Apart from the fact that you need to pay for a drink, I don’t think I would’ve had a drink there even if you would pay me.

a bar with a bar and a sign Primus lounge Amritsar
The bar.
a shelf with wine glasses and bottles
Some drinks at the bar:
a bar with shelves of liquor and a television
Tired looking.
a bar with glasses over a bar
There was no one even manning the bar.
a chair and a refrigerator in a room Primus lounge Amritsar
The Primus bar.

Primus lounge Amritsar seating:

There were some seats, tables, and fans, but the place just didn’t feel very inviting. I didn’t want to sit there long, and I’m sure you wouldn’t either.

a room with chairs and a table Primus lounge Amritsar
The Primus lounge.
a room with chairs and a wall with a ceiling and a fan
Those couches seemed to have had better days.
a room with chairs and a fan Primus lounge Amritsar
Primus lounge Amritsar couches.
a room with a table and chairs Primus lounge Amritsar
This has to be one of the most dated lounges I’ve ever seen.
a group of chairs in a room Primus lounge Amritsar
Dated lounge.
a room with chairs and a backpack Primus lounge Amritsar
The counter tops in the background is just so unsanitary.
a room with chairs and a lamp Primus lounge Amritsar
Black tired-looking couches.
a room with a table and chairs Primus lounge Amritsar
Old looking fans just hanging there.


a cat walking on a tile floor
There was this cat just roaming around the airport.

I didn’t spend much time in this place because I’d rather sit in a coffee shop and enjoy a flat white. However, I paid £20 for this because I wanted to see this lounge, and I can safely say that this was the worst £20 I’ve ever spent. I’m sure you wouldn’t want to feel like you’ve been overcharged for a disappointing experience.

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What was your experience like?

I would love to hear from you, so drop me a comment in the box below.

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Primus Lounge Amritsar
Primus Lounge Amritsar
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  1. I’ve. Seen worse.
    India is generally a non-drinking nation so alcohol mostly for foreigner s is expensive, hence the charge. In terms of. Decor, have a. Look at the photos of the JFK T4 PrimeClass Lounge. That’s embarrassing. And for amenities, the IASS lounge in HNL is a joke.
    This lounge doesn’t seem great, but it might be a little nicer than the public areas.

    1. wow the iass lounge in hnl is terrible i’ve never seen it but now i must go there and see for myself… the jfk lounge though is DEFINITELY EMBARRASSING for ny airport for sure.

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